The Womxn of Color Conference, originally an installment of the University of California Student Association (UCSA) conference, was picked up by a different UC campus every year. However, for the past six years it has been hosted at UCSB. We believe, as womxn of color that this space is necessary to continue to nurture and cultivate within a university that often does not center or cater to our many different lived experiences. We specifically honor the revolutionary existence of this space after the May 23rd Isla Vista tragedy, which continues to remind us the misogynistic, gender based violence that leaves many female and femme identified individuals feeling unsafe in Isla Vista. We honor those lost on that day. In addition, we honor all womxn who have paved the way so that we can unapologetically take up this space and organize for our collective liberation. 

Womxn's Commission

The UCSB A.S. Womxn’s Commission is an educator and an advocate for womxn’s rights, with a commitment to representing and improving the status of womxn on campus and in the community. The A.S. Womxn’s Commission is working toward becoming a diverse group of members reflecting the different voices of the campus and community.

The A.S. Womxn’s Commission must constantly redefine itself if it is going to actively try to recognize how womxn’s issues function within the intersections of race, class, age, sexual orientation, religion, culture and ability. Recognizing this means that we acknowledge that one group can never represent the voices of all womxn across these intersections. Therefore, we must look beyond Womxn’s Commission and into the campus and community.